Best Salon

This is quite simply the very best salon in London. The therapists are extremely talented and kind. I always come away feeling thoroughly relaxed, happy and calm. The massage here is incredible! Very highly recommended

Priya Bhandari - London, U.K.

The best therapist

The therapist is simply the best therapist I have ever met. She is extremely talented and kind. She knows what is best for your body and skin. The massages and facials are very relaxing and you feel so refreshed once the treatment is over here! Very highly recommended!

Aurelie Bollier - London


An amazing pampering experience for all your beauty needs! Relaxing atmosphere & really friendly staff!

Marie Gayle - London, U.K.


Absolute delight to get any kind of treatment from Dia. She is just amazing. The Ayurveda Massage on my head was heavenly. More than Satisfied. Amazing:)

Andrea Gomez - Kent


Extremely happy with all the services I had so far. Recently had an Ayurveda Massage. Words cant describe how much it helped me physically & emotionally. Thanks Dia:)

Mili Jaani - Yorkshire


Dia is the best therapist I could have ever known. The passion she has in doing her treatment is remarkable. I was given a gift voucher from a colleague and that was the best thing ever. More than highly recommended!!!

Claudia - London

Best Therapist

Dia is simply the best therapist I have known. Thank you for all the lovely chats:)

Olivia Johnson - Essex

Amazing hands!

Divya is an excellent lady, with fantastic attention to detail and amazing hands! She has managed to get rid of my sore aches and pains throughout my back and legs. I leave her salon feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I would always recommend her massage services to anyone.

Zillah - London

Simply Amazing!!

Fantastic Therapist. Very passionate and kind. Her hands are very healing and always smiling. Keep up the good work Dia:)

Olivia James - Yorkshire

Super Awesome service!!

Just had an Ayurveda Massage and feel 10 stone lighter. Loved it. Thanks Dia. Highly recommended:)

Sasha B - Brent

Fantastic Services

I love to be pampered at this place! Such a professional and clean place…and every time the services are fantastic.! I go there for waxing….feel like a smooth snake afterwards! I’ve never noticed any missed bits or left over wax….best waxing service I’ve ever used! Sometimes I will go for a massage. …it hurts:) but it’s supposed too! But the soothing music and ambiance takes that pain away….come out feeling relaxed and reset. Definitely would (and do) recommend to my friends.

Raven Noble - London, U.K.

Love This Spa

I have been to a few spa places different styles as well like Turkish, Swedish and Japanese but I love this spa I enjoyed every minute. As they say every penny worth spend. When the massage was taking place I could feel my muscles relaxing the pressure in my head started to ease away before I knew it I feel asleep so refreshing. I feel like I can conquer the world now thank you Dia see you soon! I recommend everyone to pamper them self we deserve it at that to the right place. Sometimes when we don’t go to the right place we feel that we wasted our time and money then we get put off at trying other places I been there that’s why I recommend the best. Good Luck girls

Aisha Mirani - London, U.K.

Very Happy:)

I have the most sensitive skin anyone could imagine and Dia handled it so well. All her treatments are tailor made and never the same. Always excited and happy to try all the treatments she has to offer. The Ayurveda Massage was such a treat. Just what I wanted. Highly Recommended!!

Shevonne Taylor - London

Highly Recommended!!

Dia is a therapist full of passion & drive. She puts her heart & soul into every treatment. I have known her over 7 years now and have tried most of her therapies but she is so creative and knowledgeable that on every visit, she tells me about her new added therapies. Was always sceptical about Reiki but her hands are so healing that I now see her every week for reiki and it has made such a huge difference in my life. Thanks lovely for taming a wild cat. Haha!!

Lucy Drake - London

Amazing Therapist

Was given a gift Voucher, cant recommend Dia enough. She puts her heart & soul into every treatment. A regular client now. Thank you!!

Lisa Tanturn - Canterbury

More than Highly Recommended!!

Dia is just a fantastic therapist. Her salon is so calm & tranquil. I absolutely love every single treatment I have ever had from facials to the Ayurveda massages. Her touch is very healing!! Highly recommended!!!

Vas Negi - London

Very Skilled

Divya is a very skilled therapist and beauty expert. I have not been anywhere else since trying Kaanan. She takes time to listen to the needs of her clients and is flexible with appointments. Highly recommend this place especially for facials and body massages! (Especially if you like Indian shirodhara!).

Manisha Bhola - Westminster

Amazing Therapist

Dia is a lovely Therapist. Been thrice and never been disappointed. Highly Recommended!!

Natalie - london

Highly Recommended

Dia is a very talented therapist. She is thorough with her knowledge. I have known her over 12 years now and cant flaw any of her treatments. She is such a beautiful Reiki healer. Thanks Dia:)

Yvonne Chambers - London

Free your mind…..

I have a monthly reiki session with Dia. I always leave an hour later feeling relaxed and calm and with a spring in my step. Thank you!!

Kristy Willson - London


I had purchased a voucher for my pregnant wife to have a little pamper session. Dia is such an amazing therapist. My wife came home so calm and refreshed. She had a tough pregnancy and it was such a pleasure seeing her so over the moon. Though we live in Kent, a monthly visit will be completely worth the drive. Thank you Dia, God bless:)

George Stanley - Kent


I travel up all away from Kent to go to Kaanans beauty salon, theres nothing like them and are the best ive ever been too, and ive tried loads of salon. There professional and kind. They advice me all the time, and you feel like you are being cared for, its totally relaxing exexperience, even getting waxing done. Highly recommend them Thank you Kaanans xx

Julia Price - Bromley, Kent

Brilliant Therapist

I really get confused if Dia is a therapist or a doctor. She has so much knowledge about everything. Never had any disappointments so far. Would highly recommend all her services. She is fantastic!!! Thanks Luv xoxo

Emma - Clapham

Lovely Therapist

Highly Recommended!! She is a lovely therapist. Glad to have found Dia x

Vicky - London

Happy Customer

I was recommended by a friend to try the cupping massage for cellulite that I have been struggling with for years. noticed a difference straight away ,though it was a bit painful but was definitely worth it. Will be seeing Dia on a regular basis. Thank you xx

Philipa - London

Divya is the best therapist I have met. She cares about her clients and so thorough in her work. She is always smiling and flexible to the needs of her clients. Got the best massage done today! Highly recommend Kaanan and their services!

Manisha Bhola - London

Highly Impressed!!

Today was my first visit at Kaanan’s Beauty & Wellness and very impressed with the skills Divya has. She is thorough with her knowledge and the best part, is honest. Will be visiting next week. Thank you x

Patricia - Battersea

A very Satisfied customer

Dia is just brilliant with healing hands and so much knowledge about the body. I have been seeing her since last 8 months and all her treatments are flawless. I always return with valuable tips that has helped me heal quicker from the medical issues I have. Thank you dear:)

Paula Mcartney - Kent

Top quality treatment

I walked in off the street once wanting a massage and was really impressed with Dia, so much so that I come back regularly. She is extremely professional and really knows her stuff, tailoring the massage to what you need. I’m often very tight as I exercise a lot and she is totally adept at getting rid of all my knots and helping me feel much looser and more relaxed afterwards. I would highly recommend the deep tissue massage. I leave absolutely floating! 10/10

sarah driver - London

Brilliant Therapist

The therapist is brilliant. Have been suffering with backache for years and just one visit to Kaanans and I’ve got my back fixed. Highly Recommended! Thank you

Jason - London

Lovely Therapist

I have been struggling with severe Digestive issues and Kaanan’s was recommended by a friend but I was hesitant trying a new place. Divya has so much knowledge that I was startled knowing she isn’t even a Doctor. She tailor made all my treatments and I have recovered 90% in just 3 sessions. She is very strict so I try follow all her suggestions. Lol!! I feel so much better and would Highly recommend her services. Thank you:)

Jane Harper - Bromley

Weight loss and fertility Treatments

It’s been 3 weeks into my treatment, my skin my body shape has changed immensely. I can feel the difference when I where my clothes they are much loser and my body feels tighter especially the tummy area. Very friendly and calming. The levels in my diabetes has dropped a consider amount. There no words to describe. But at least I recommend to try it once. Believe me once is all you need.

Aisha Saleem

Best massage in London

Impecable service, I enjoyed such a relaxing and wonderful massage, truly amazing. Will return many many times!

Thank you,

Sonia K

Best massage in London

Impecable service, I enjoyed such a relaxing and wonderful massage, truly amazing. Will return many many times!

Thank you,

Sonia K

Best Place ever

I would recommend this place to everyone. The people that work here are so so kind and all the services they offer from massages to facials to threading are excellently well done. I have never been so satisfied from getting massages as much as this place! Amazing 🤩

Belinda Kamhi

Best Place ever

I would recommend this place to everyone. The people that work here are so so kind and all the services they offer from massages to facials to threading are excellently well done. I have never been so satisfied from getting massages as much as this place! Amazing 🤩

Belinda Kamhi

Best Therapist

I had very good experience with Miss Divya Malhotra, I love their Services.
I am sure its a place where you would like to visit again & again.
Thanks alot Divya & Kaanan